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Gabions provide well-established means of constructing retaining and free-standing retaining structures, ground stabilisation solutions, erosion control defences and architectural features in stone for both Civil, Environmental & Domestic Engineering projects.

Gabion Structures are capable of accommodating large differential settlement and unpredictable loads in any Civil Engineering Applications. These characteristics do not reduce structural integrity but improve it by promoting the interaction of the entire structure

The flexibility, durability, strength and permeability properties of gabions and mattresses, in Environmental Engineering Applications, make them ideal for hydraulic applications such as scour protection, river bank and bed stabilisation, coastal defences and flood protection. Gabions can also be used in the construction of drainage channels, reservoirs and reed purification beds.

At Geo Source we make two types of Gabion

  • Wire Mesh Gabion / Rigid / Fixed Gabion
  • Polymeric Rope Gabion / Flexible Gabion

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Our ranges of Non-Woven Needle Punch Geo Textile Includes products which are standard or market specific as listed below: