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Geo Source makes high quality Non-Woven Needle-Punch Geotextiles using first grade Polypropylene (PP) & PET staple fibers in various GSM & Widths and used for various Civil & Environmental Engineering Solutions & Applications. The purpose of the Geotextile is to stabilize or enhance the properties of the Soil by preforming either as Separation, Stabilization, Filtration, Drainage or Protection layer and in turn enhancing, protecting or stabilizing the above structure.

Geo Source Non-Woven Needle-Punched Geotextiles are made to resist ultraviolet deterioration, rotting, biological degradation, naturally encountered basics, and acids.

Non-Woven Needle Punched Technology

Needle-Punched nonwoven fabrics are made from various staple fiber webs (usually carded) in which are bonded together mechanically through fibre entanglement and frictions after fine needle barbs repeatedly penetrated through the fibrous webto form a strong and stable fabric matrix. The fabric strength is further increased using heated rollers to thermally bond the fibers together.


The major function of Non-Woven Needle-Punched Geotextile is restricting soil particles to pass thru but allowing liquid and gases to easily pass thru them and are majorly used to improve the performance of any Civil, Environmental Engineering and construction projects viz Roads, Highways, Railways, Tunnels, Erosion Control, Landfills etc.

Thus, Non-Woven Needle Punched Geo Textile is an ideal and cost-effective solution to the more cumbersome and expensive traditional technique, which uses our countries natural resources, for soil stabilizing and filtration for any Civil or Environmental Structure.


Non-Woven Needle-Punch Geotextiles are used in both Civil Engineering & Environment Engineering Applications such for;

Separation, Stabilization, Filtration, Drainage, and Cushion

Geo Source makes high quality Non-Woven Needle-Punch Geotextiles for both Civil & Environmental Engineering Solutions & Applications.

GeoSource, Civil Non-Woven Needle Punched Geotextile are designed specifically for providing high strength, high permittivity (water flow) & fine pore size. Normally our Civil Non-Woven are low to mid weight fabrics mainly used to provide the desired Strength and water flow.

Geo Source, Environment Non-Woven Needle punched Geotextiles are designed specifically for providing high filtration, high permittivity (water flow) & best Protection / Cushion. Normally our Environment Non-Woven are mid to high weight fabrics mainly used to provide Filtration, Drainage & Cushion / Protection.

At Geo Source we manufacture both Civil & Environmental Non-Woven Needle-Punh Geotextile right from 80 GSM – 1200 GSM using both PP & PET Staple fiber in widths of 1 mtr – 6 mtr.

More Products

Our ranges of Non-Woven Needle Punch Geo Textile Includes products which are standard or market specific as listed below: