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  Geo Bags
Geobags are sand-filled high-strength geotextile bags available in the various sizes and are used in riverbank, beach protection and offshore breakwater.

Geo bags are also called as Geotextile Sand Containers (GSC) which is a low cost, soft and reversible solution for shore protection structures and for the reinforcement of existing coastal barriers and structures. Due to their numerous strengths , the GSCs become increasingly popular as an alternative to conventional hard structures.
We have a dedicated factory located in GIDC Dholka near Ahmedabad to produce various types of Geo Bags made from Woven & Non Woven material with an in house capacity to produce more than 500,000 bags per month (Type A Bags). Our bag manufacturing unit is one the best bag making units which is equipped with the latest machinery. We believe in investing in latest equipments / machines to achieve best Quality and High Production.
Types of Geosynthetic Sepration Reinforcement Filteration Drainage Containtment Protection
    Strength / Weakness Conventional Hard structures GSC-
    Applicability as a coastal structure to conventional coastal problems high high
    Resistance against wave action and costal related natural hazards, if properly designed high high
    Adaptability to changing site condition and morphological foundation changes low high
    Total construction and life cycle Cost saving (compared with conventional structure) N/A high
    Respond to cyclic hydrodynamic loads moderate high
    Pleasant and “natural” appearance low high
    Removability, if engineering measured did not prove successful low high
    Deep understanding of the hydraulic processes affecting the stability of GSC-structures high moderate
    Reliable design tools which can compromise the safety under different conditions high low
    Requirement of consideration of site specific conditions for design and construction moderate high
    Understanding of long term effect on structure durability in marine environment high low
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