ISO 9001 - 2008  
Polymer Gabions are rectangular or cylindrical baskets fabricated from polymer meshes and usually filled with stone and used for structural purposes such as retaining walls, revetments, slope protection and similar applications.

Gabions are generally available in a prefabricated collapsible form with the bottom & four sides held together by appropriate binding and with a flip open top lid. The border & body ropes may be of different sizes ranging from 6mm to 12mm. The sizes are selected depending upon the severity of the problem & the method of installation to be adopted.
Apart from Polymeric Gabions Wire Mesh Gabions are also extensively used.

The various Applications of Polymer Gabions are Retaining Walls, Energy Dissipaters, Sea Wall and Revetments, Flexible Aprons, A Polymer Rope Gabion Dike or Wall.
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