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The purpose of Geosynthetics in the reinforcement function is to reinforce the weak sub-grade or subsoil. It helps to strengthen the soil surface and to increase the soils ability to stay put especially on the slopes. The slopes are stabilized either permanently or temporarily, as a result of which the creep is reduced. Further, it might additionally help in preventing water from pervading the slope and controlling the amount of infiltration that occurs during various rain events. Reinforcing aspect of Geosynthetics can be used for roads, temporary roads, pavements, air strips, stabilized road slopes, retaining walls, containment systems, controlling reflective cracking, etc. a
Asphalt impregnated Geotextile is used as a paving fabric, relieving stress and acting as moisture barrier. For reinforcement, synthetic woven fabric or spun-bond is preferred. Reinforcement is further enhanced by use of geo-grids or geo-nets.
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