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Confinement provides a media between the aggregate and the subsoil which absorbs the load in the form of tension and prevents change in alignment of the aggregate. Geosynthetics economically help the separation keeping two dissimilar materials apart to maximize the physical attributes of each of those materials.The object of separation by Geosynthetics is to prevent a well-defined material or rich material from penetrating the sub-grade or the poor soil. If the separating media of Geosynthetics is absent, the infiltration of the sub-grade decreases permeability of the aggregate to the point where it cannot adequately transport the water reaching it. a

Suitable Geotextile fabric with good puncture/tear resistance when used as a separator media - eliminates the loss of costly aggregate material into subsoil, prevents upward pumping of subsoil, eliminates contamination and maintains porosity of different levels.For separation purposes, both woven / nonwoven Geotextiles may be used.
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