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The use of Geosynthetics in drainage has made significant strides in changing the conventional procedure of using graded filters. Outstanding advantages of Geosynthetics in drainage are: It eliminates the filter sand with the dual media backfill. In some cases, it eliminates the need for perforated pipes. In situations where only sand backfill is available, it is possible to wrap the drainage pipe with fabric to act as a screening agent. The fabric, thereby,prevents the sand from entering perforation in the pipe. With Geosynthetics, trench excavation is considerably reduced. a
Many times the use of Geosynthetics eliminates the need for trench shoring. Needle-punched nonwoven Geotextile is preferred where drainage is the primary functional requirement. PVDs (Prefabricated Vertical Drains) are also applicable Geosynthetics for drainage solutions. Since drainage is required mostly in road and rail construction the key stakeholders are contractors to ensure pre-construction drainage as well as maintain CBR and water content.
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